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The need of Software testing & Quality Assurance services has grown significantly for businesses today. Organizations progressively need their QA and Testing to become a transformative business function. Today's fast paced and ever-changing technology landscape has made it important a change in approach, methodology and delivery of Testing Services. Our software testing & quality assurance services are backed by a strong legacy of testing expertise and endorsed for its wide range of testing services spectrum. Microcen Web Technology offers business transformation through top notch testing services aligned with emerging market trends. A strategic approach for quality assurance by our professionals gets products to market faster. A thoughtful approach considering quality and predictability help us deliver flawless technological solutions, reduce time-to-market, cut down the costs to ensure end-user satisfaction.

Testing Services offered by Microcen Web Technology

Our expertise across various web & mobile technologies combined with accomplished testing practices provides us with the capability to architect & execute end-to-end test strategies.

What We Offer?

  • Mobile Application Testing

    We offer comprehensive Mobile Application Testing services for all major mobile platforms including Android app testing, iPhone application testing, Windows application testing and Blackberry app testing. At Microcen Web Technology, we ensure the highest degree of software quality assurance.

  • Performance Testing

    At Microcen Web Technology, expert team exercises all website/app functions to verify speedy transitions between data presentations along with access to database information and device features. Performance testing includes measurement of third party service API responses and resilience for volume usage.

  • Web Application Testing

    Microcen Web Technology has rich experience in testing websites & web-based applications. With the support of our extensive web application expertise and 5+ years of QA experience, we deliver top class QA & testing services. Our services comprise of testing for desktop website & responsive versions both.

  • Security Testing

    Our testing team helps clients identifying and removing vulnerabilities in applications and networks, assess and mitigate risks. They ensure that the product meets regulatory and compliance requirements of the business.

  • Functional Testing

    Our professionals verifies that forms correctly submit and collect information from users. They also ensure that all components including video/sound streams etc. function as expected. Function testing also includes to verify that all links are correct and functional.

  • Device Interoperability Testing

    We precisely look at compatibility between tablet and smartphone presentation of responsive websites & applications including browser versions, operating system versions and specific device features. Microcen Web Technology maintains a wide array of testing devices to check website/app performs as desired on all devices.

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