Digital Forensics


Cyber forensics can be defined as the process of extracting information and data from computer storage media and guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability..

Digital forensics serves as a supporting proof or corroborating evidence often made by prosecutors and defendants to refute a claim that a certain activity was done by a specific person using a piece of digital equipment. The most common use is to recover erased digital evidence to support or disprove a claim in the court of law or in civil proceedings such as the eDiscovery process in courts. Forensics is also used during internal corporate investigations or intrusion investigation which includes additional activities like network and log review.


Cyber Fraud is one of the most damaging and biggest risk any business may face. Its impact can be enormous including financial loss, organisations face reputational damage, disbarment from tendering, personal embarrassment and many more.

How can Microcen Web Technology help your business?

Microcen Web Technology E-Crime and Digital Forensic Services are aimed at identifying and resolving E-Crime incidents that can adversely impact organizations, including cybercrime and online fraud, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to proactively manage security risks by:

  • Investigation of Digital Frauds and Cyber Crimes.
  • 'Incident' identification and response.
  • Log analysis and interpretation.
  • Establishing 'evidence' as an attribute in good network design.
  • Awareness Training to reduce impact of cyber-attacks on information assets.
  • Cyber Forensic Lifecycle-Development and implementation of policies and processes.
  • Web Malware Safe Service.
  • Email Investigation

    Investigating email crimes is the process related to tracing, collecting, analysing, and investigating digital evidence and cyber trails. Digital evidence and cyber trails can be related to email spamming, mail bombing/mail storms, email spoofing, identity fraud/chain letters, phishing attacks, and email hijacking.

    In a case where threatening emails were received by a company employee, our experts at Microcen Web Technology trace back the emails to the sender and preserve the evidence on the computer where the emails were received. The sender’s computer are then examined and evidence are preserved. The threatening e-mails are located and the sender is identified.

  • Financial Forensic Investigations

    Cyber intrusions are becoming more commonplace, more dangerous, and more sophisticated. Our nation’s critical infrastructure, including both private and public sector networks, are targeted by adversaries.

    Wherever corporate or cyber fraud is suspected, regardless of jurisdiction, Microcen Web Technology investigate the circumstances surrounding questionable activity. Using effective fact-finding strategies in our fraud investigations that may include interviews of employees, identification of non-employee witnesses, retrieval and analysis of critical documents and data, and an effective risk mitigation strategy.

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Company : Microcen Web Technology

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